LeSean McCoy says he’s not shaking Chip Kelly’s hand

LeSean McCoy says he’s not shaking Chip Kelly’s handThere doesn’t appear to be any love lost between Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy and his former coach, Chip Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Speaking to Philadelphia media, reporters brought up the possibility that Kelly would shake McCoy’s hand ahead of the Bills vs Eagles game Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. “Naahh. He knows that ain’t going to happen,” said McCoy, who ranks as the Eagles’ all-time rushing leader. “Y’all know that ain’t going to happen. We ain’t shakin’ no hands.” This came after a separate interview, where McCoy said that “Chip ain’t shaking [profanity]” in reference to the same statement from Kelly, which was made Wednesday with Buffalo-area media.

“What for? What we shaking hands for?,” McCoy added to the Philly reporters. “We don’t have nothing to shake hands for. There’s some dudes I played with, I’m going to shake their hands. (Eagles owner Jeffrey) Lurie – probably going to talk to Lurie a little bit. Couple different coaches. A lot of players over there I’m still tight with. I’m gonna give Duce (Staley, Eagles running backs coach) a big hug.”

McCoy wasn’t done making controversial comments, reiterating that he wasn’t sorry for his statements last spring, where he suggested Kelly may be a racist. Strangely, he said that he is “OK” with Kelly, adding that it is possible to be OK with a person but not want to shake their hand.

The press conference also had McCoy comparing former coach Kelly with current coach Rex Ryan. “They’re way different. Way, way different ,” he said. “I think it’s the small things. Rex is more worried about playing football. The way you wear your hat or the way you wear your jeans, or the different socks you wear, he don’t care about that. As long as a player does his job, he don’t care about that type stuff. He wants to win games. The rules for the team are to play with respect and to constantly play for the logo on the helmet. And that’s all he cares about.”